Heated Mastershield Gutter Guards

  • Mastershield Gutter protection is the micro mesh gutter protection offered in Northern Arizona that is heatable to help eliminate ice dams while keeping your gutters free of debris. Most gutter guards make ice damming worse, increase icicles and create a ledge for ice and debris to accumulate on. This is because any plastic or metal guards that isn’t heated, when other areas of the roof are, create a cold bridge that will allow ice to accumulate and eventually dam up. We often see guards installed when heat tape is in use which will often cause severe ice building on the guards and gutters eventually causing damage to the guards, gutters and even the house.

Fantastic work on getting my gutters cleaned, fixed and completed. Mastershield is so tight mesh- no pine needles will get through! I highly recommend Flagstaff Gutter Company.

Laura – Flagstaff Gutter Company Customer
  • Mastershield Gutter protection is an all aluminum frame that allows for us to install heated cable inside of the gutter and attached to the guards to maintain the heated area for water to flow. While eliminating icicles and ice entirely is impossible our installations reduce the risk to your valuable property and gutter systems by reducing ice buildup. Contact us for a free quote!