At Flagstaff Gutter Company our goal is to bring you the best products we can find. Whether that’s a clean gutter install or the best of the best in gutter protection we strive to find the best products. That mission led us to MasterShield Leaf guards. MasterShield Gutter guards will keep your gutters clean forever. With Copper inlays MasterShields patented technology dissolve and clean your gutter system every time it rains. Leafs, Pine Needles, Dirt/Grime, and Roof Shingle granules will fall off of the MasterShield guards as water is filtered and flows into your gutters. MasterShield also comes in a variety of colors to match your gutters and keep your home looking beautiful.

MasterShield sets it self apart from other companies and products like Leaf Filter for a couple of reasons. Pitch. Mastershield continues the pitch of the roof, gravity removes debris from the gutter protection rather than providing a flat surface for it to land on. The pitch also helps with ice buildup. The material also allows for heat protection. Other gutter protection systems are plastic or vinyl and have no real option to heat and keep gutters clear of ice dams. MasterShield is designed to work in conjunction with heat cables. Mastershield is made out of aluminum and will heat up throughout the product to allow water to flow rather than ice up as it hits the gutter. You can say goodbye to ice dams forever with a combination of heat cable, seamless gutters and MasterShield gutter guards. Call us today for a quote!

Why do we have ice Dams in Flagstaff/Northern Arizona? When we see snowfall followed by low temps we see the potential for ice dams to form. The image below demonstrates why we see ice dams and some of the issues they can cause. MasterShield is the only gutter protection product offered in Northern Arizona that can tie into a heat cable and prevent ice dams from occurring. With other gutter protection systems they can head the gutters but the gutter protection itself will freeze and create the ice dam only making a worse problem.

We are also proud to offer a more budget friendly Gutter Guard. MicroMax gutter proaction will help reduce the amount of debris that enters your gutter system while keeping a more affordable cost. Its dense metal mesh keeps a majority of pine needles, leafs and roof granules from entering your gutter system.